26 comments on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

  1. All in all, all of the character and charm of the series was zapped away in an attempts to produce this final film is action-packed as you possibly can. It’s a shame to view anything that you have grown up with, discovered to like, taken and twisted into somebody’s ‘vision.’ I imply, why bother adding your own unimportant scenes to the movie, when there are perfectly excellent ones in the book that you did not bother working with at all? There is no…bonding with the characters, no connection with them you felt in Portion 1. I didn’t feel the adore for this film like I had with the book. There was just so a great deal significance that was left out of that movie, and it truly is such a shame. It had such potential to become a wonderful film, and it fell short all since of the changes that had been unnecessarily made.

    • All valid points, our own Victoria here agrees with you. It is the adapter’s dilemma, however, prune the plot and characters to make a thrill-ride or try to keep the feel of it and lose events.

      I feel the HP series to be a well-intentioned event to put the un-filmable onto the screen and like every literary adaptation from Dickens to Bridget Jones, what you lack on screen is the authorial voice and interior life of the characters that can only come from prose. I applaud the attempt; even a trilogy of Hallows might have been too short. The movie is the movie. You still have the book on your shelf and the best movie of it in your head. RC

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